The Headmaster’s Study
JANUARY 2014  . OVERVIEW 2014  . And   so   another   successful   12   months   in   The   Headmaster’s   Study   comes   to   a   close.   I   would   like   to   thank   all   those who took the time and trouble to visit in 2013. Your continued support is very much appreciated.  . And now a new year is upon us and with it comes a few changes.  . I    have    decided    to    discontinue    my    ‘full    day    in    school’    visit    option.    I    do    understand    that    this    may    come    as    a disappointment   to   many   but   a   change   in   my   private   life   means   I   can   no   longer   offer   this   service.   I   will   continue   to   offer my standard appointment (which is by far the most popular service I offer) and I will add a new ‘extended session’.  . The   new   extended   session   will   include   approximately   two   and   a   half   hours   in   role.   It   will   be   geared   to   those   who   wish to   study   in   a   classroom   setting   as   well   as   engage   in   role   play   and   corporal   punishment   activity.   Further   details   can   be found elsewhere on the site or by clicking here .  . All   those   who   have   ‘full   day   in   school’   visits   already   booked   will   have   their   appointments   honoured   but   from   this   point onwards no new ‘full day’ appointments will be taken.  . I wish to stress again that the above changes will in no way affect my standard sessions.  . NOVEMBER 2013  . WITHHELD TELEPHONE NUMBERS (OR FURTHER RAMBLINGS OF A GRUMPY OLD MAN)  . Like   most   individuals   I   regularly   receive   phone   calls   from   numbers   that   are   ‘unknown’   or   ‘withheld’.   Mostly   these   are from   businesses   trying   to   sell   shares   in   some   offshore   wine   trading   franchise   or   someone   from   a   PPI   company offering   to   claim   thousands   in   compensation   on   my   behalf.   Usually   the   phone   goes   down   straight   away,   however,   on   a fairly regularly basis I receive a phone call that starts something like this …………………  . Me: Hello.  . Caller: Hello. I got your number from (insert title here) magazine.  . Me: I see.  . Caller: Could I have details?  . No   doubt   they   then   expect   me   to   launch   into   what   I   do   and   how   I   go   about   doing   it   but   I   never   respond   with   that information. Instead 2 questions go through my mind although I don’t ask them directly.  . 1) Why are you calling from a number that is withheld?  . 2) Why have you not looked at my website?  . I   actually   begin   by   explaining   that   I   never   discuss   what   I   do   with   those   who   intentionally   or   otherwise   withhold   their telephone   number.   Some   genuinely   do   not   realise   what   they   have   done,   apologise,   hang   up,   and   call   back   from   a number   that   is   not   withheld   but   most   do   not.   I   have   given   up   trying   to   explain   (to   callers)   the   reasons   why   I   won’t discuss   what   I   do   with   those   who   call   from   such   numbers.   For   you   the   reader   it   is   (as   if   you   didn’t   already   know)   for reasons   of   trust.   If   you   call   someone   like   me   looking   for   the   services   I   provide   then   you   have   to   show   that   you   are genuine.   Not   withholding   your   phone   number   is   a   ‘massive’   display   of   your   seriousness   to   take   things   further.   Yes,   I know you could call from a call box or some other untraceable location but, hopefully, you get my point.  . I   then   explain   that   I   have   a   very   detailed   (some   say   anal)   website   that   contains   everything   you   need   to   know   about making   an   informed   choice   about   choosing   to   visit   me.   I   go   on   to   explain   that   the   website   address   is   always   in   the advertisement   or   article   that   they   have   just   read.   Generally   speaking   I   get   the   ‘I   have   no   internet   access’   response. For   those   who   are   lying   about   their   internet   status   then   I   have   no   interest   in   their   attempts   to   waste   my   time   but   for those who are telling the truth then I can only offer the following ………………  . The scene today, for better or worse, is internet based. The scene will not come and find you, you must go and find it. . At this point, more often than not, the person on the other end of the phone hangs up.  . I   think   that   most   individuals   who   play   this   kind   of   ‘telephone   game’   will   never   change   their   modus   operandi   but   those who   genuinely   fail   to   understand   the   mistake   they   are   making   when   they   call   from   withheld   numbers   and/or   ask   inane questions need to understand how the scene works these days.  . Ironically   the   people   I   wish   to   engage   with   through   this   piece   are   those   who   are   least   likely   to   read   it.   For   everyone else I hope it gives you another brief insight into the world of a professional school scene Headmaster.  . SEPTEMBER 2013 AVAILABILITY The   Headmaster’s   Study   is   undoubtedly   getting   busier.   A   very   large   and   diverse   group   of   adult   schoolboys   and   adult schoolgirls   are   now   choosing   to   visit   to   avail   themselves   of   the   unique   services   that   I   provide.   However,   this   ‘success’ brings   with   it   a   unique   set   of   problems.   Recently   I   have   been   contacted   by   a   number   of   potential   new   pupils   and regular   attendees   who   have   been   disappointed   to   find   that   my   waiting   time   for   an   appointment   stood   at   more   than   5 weeks.   Holidays   and   other   personal   commitments   mean   that   I   cannot   offer   appointments   on   every   day   of   every   week and   it’s   important   to   remember   that   when   you   contact   me.   My   diary   is   not   always   this   busy   but   it   does   go   to   show   that wherever   possible   you   should   always   try   to   book   an   appointment   well   in   advance.   I   am   rarely   able   to   see   anyone without   a   minimum   of   48   hours   notice   and   it   is   far   more   usual   for   my   adult   boys   and   adult   girls   to   book   10   to   14   days in   advance.   My   current   availability   in   October   and   beyond   is   currently   better   than   during   September   but   that   is   bound to   change   as   the   weeks   go   on.   If   you   want   to   find   out   what   my   current   availability   is   then   just   drop   me   an   email.   If   you are   able   then   please   include   your   own   availability   at   the   same   time.   In   any   eventuality   I   can   assure   you   that   your Headmaster’s Study experience will be well worth waiting for.  .
JULY 2014 The   website   was   down   for   a   few   days   during   the   middle   of   July.   This   was   because   of   a   technical   issue   with   my   web hosting company. This has now been resolved.  .   JUNE 2014 NEW SURROUNDINGS  . The   past   few   months   have   seen   a   number   of   changes   at   The   Headmaster’s   Study.   The   most   obvious   is   the refurbishment   of   my   classroom.   The   old   carpet   has   been   removed   and   the   existing   floorboards   have   been   stained and      polished.   The   classroom   has   been   given   a   lick   of   paint   and   a   new   period   radiator   has   been   fitted.   New   furniture includes      a   ‘Minty’   bookcase   and   a   beautiful   teachers   writing   slope.   To   reflect   the   new   look   photographs   on   the   site showing   the      classroom   have   been   updated   and   replaced.   Below   are   some   brand   new   pictures   that   are   also   featured in other areas  of the site. . .
AUGUST 2013 Another   lengthy   gap   between   this   update   and   the   previous   one.   Just   to   let   you   all   know   that   I   am   still   here   and continue   to   see   a   steady   number   of   adult   schoolboys   and   adult   schoolgirls   in   my   study   and   classroom.   If   you   haven’t already done so then why not join them?  . Although   not   immediately   apparent   this   website   has   had   a   major   overhaul   since   the   last   update.   If   you   find   any   broken links or spelling mistakes or other ‘nasties’ then drop me an email.  . GRUMPY OLD MAN  . Just   recently   I   was   speaking   with   two   of   my   boys   and   each   said   something   I   found   quite   interesting.   The   first   said   that he   thought   my   website   was   a   little   ‘anal’   and   the   second   said   he   thought   that   I   came   over   as   a   ‘bit   of   a   grumpy   old man’. After giving what they said some serious thought I have to say that I’m quite happy with both of the comments.  . The   Headmaster’s   Study   is   meant   to   give   a   very   detailed   overview   of   what   I   do   and   it   does   just   that.   I   would   prefer there   to   be   more   information   rather   than   not   enough.   I   still   believe   that   anyone   who   is   seriously   considering   coming   to see   me   (for   the   first   time)   should   pay   close   attention   to   everything   that   is   stated   within   its   pages. At   the   end   of   the   day my   website   is   here   so   that   you   can   make   an   informed   choice   as   to   whether   what   I   have   to   offer   really   is   for   you.   If   that means the site comes over as being a little ‘anal’ then so be it.  . Am   I   really   a   grumpy   old   man?   I   don’t   think   so.   It’s   probably   just   a   reflection   of   how   I   write   within   this   website   and   my continuing   annoyance   at   those   who   feel   that   it   is   okay   to   try   and   waste   my   time.   All   those   adult   boys   and   girls   who have   met   me   have   said   that   they   find   me   approachable   and   friendly.   Once   you   have   met   me   you   will   then   find   that further contact will become much easier.  . I   always   enjoy   receiving   feedback.   If   you   have   any   comments   on   the   website   then   drop   me   an   email.   You   can   find   my email address on the home page  and dotted about the site.  . TWITTER  . A   few   people   have   commented   that   I   don’t   use Twitter   that   much.   I   have   to   say   that   the   jury   is   out   on Twitter   as   far   as   I am   concerned.   I   am   not   prepared   to   make   any   comment   concerning   anyone   who   visits   me,   either   anonymously   or otherwise,   through   Twitter.   I   just   don’t   think   that   it   is   the   right   and   proper   thing   to   do.   Similarly,   I   am   sure   that   none   of you   are   interested   in   what   my   breakfast   consisted   of   or   what   the   weather   in   Derbyshire   is   currently   doing.   Or   perhaps   I am   wrong?   Comments   please?   For   the   time   being   I   will   continue   to   tweet   but   don’t   expect   it   to   be   a   regular   thing. (Maybe I am a grumpy old man!)  . ASSU UNIFORM SHOP  . And   now   a   blatant   plug   for   my   uniform   shop.   If   you   are   looking   for   the   best,   British   made,   school   uniform   for   role   play activity   then   please   take   a   look   at   my   webshop.   I   have   just   re   stocked   with   a   range   of   cotton   and   nylon   lined   grey   short trousers as well as a new range of school skirts and traditional gymslips in navy and grey.  . Click below to visit ASSU now. OLD BLOG POSTS  . Starting   with   the   next   update   I   will   begin   to   remove   the   oldest   archived   blog   posts.   The   maximum   number   of   archive pages I will keep will be 3.  . Until the next time.  . Mr Prendergast.  .