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THE BLOG FROM THE HEADMASTER'S STUDY MARCH 2013 Hello   again!   It’s   been   another   long   time   since   my   last   update.   However,   I   have   been   keeping   busy   seeing   many new adult boys and girls as well as running events and maintaining my uniform shop.   . .  . . .  During   2012   I   was   visited   by   several   adult   pupils   from   the   European   Union.   The   cost   of   cheap   air   flights   and local    accommodation    now    makes    this    an    attainable    option    for    those    who    need    to    travel    from    overseas. Generally   speaking   those   who   do   visit   from   overseas   choose   to   stay   in   a   local   hotel   or   B&B   and   to   visit   my study   on   the   day   after   their   arrival.   Most   choose   to   stay   on   for   an   extra   evening   after   their   visit   and   I   have enjoyed   dining   out   with   many   of   my   adult   pupils   after   their   session   is   over. All   in   all   it      appears   that   the   desire   for a   British   education   along   with   the   disciplinary   standards   that   go   along   with   it   are   a   powerful   attraction      for   many European visitors.   . In   February   of   2013   I   was   visited   by   my   first   adult   pupil   from   outside   of   Europe.   I   will   not   mention   the   exact location   but   I   will   say   that   the   pupil   concerned   travelled   over   8000   miles   to   visit   me.   They   enjoyed   a   relaxing stay   in   the   local   area   and,   over   a   period   of   several   days,   many   visits   to   my   study.   It   just   goes   to   show   that wherever you are in the world the door to my study is always open.  .  . .  There   are   a   few   changes   on   the   site.   In   particular   I   have   completely   re   structured   the   appointments   page   and added a couple of new faq’s. More on this below.  . . .  . . .  My   website   is   here   to   serve   a   purpose.   It   is   here   to   give   every   piece   of   information   that   you   will   need   in   order   to come   to   an      informed   decision   as   to   whether   (or   not)   what   I   have   to   offer   is   for   you.   If   it   is   for   you   then   by   the time   you   are   ready   to   make   your   call   you   should   be   almost   certain   that   you   wish   to   take   things   further   by   making an    appointment    to    visit    my    study.    Before    you    call    you    should    be    comfortable    about    submitting    an    email regarding   a   role-play   scenario.   If   you   feel   you   cannot   submit   a   role-play   scenario   then   you   should   be   able   to submit   an   email   explaining   why   you   feel   that   you   should   be   disciplined.   Of   course,   if   you   have   a   concern   or   a question   that   requires   an   answer   then   I   will   always   speak   with   you   and   give   you   any   reassurance   or   answer   that you   need.   I   fully   understand   that   for   many   novices   (and   for   some   who   have   considerable   experience)   the   whole appointment   procedure   can   seem   a   little   daunting.   However,   my   protocols   are   there   for   our   mutual   protection and   so   that   I   can   give   you   exactly   what   you   are   looking   for   when   you   visit.   This   is   the   way   I   have   been   doing things   for   years   and   my   methods   and   protocols   have   a   proven   track   record   of   success.   It’s   for   this   reason   that   I won’t   be   changing   them   at   any   time   in   the   future.   In   conclusion   it’s   worth   pointing   out   that   once   you   have   visited once it will become a lot easier to make subsequent visits.  . . .  . . .   And now, having stated everything above, it’s time for a little moan................   . .  . . .  There   are   a   few   individuals   who   still   seem   to   think   it   is   acceptable   to   telephone   and   make   an   appointment knowing   full   well   that   they   have   no   intention   of   ever   turning   up.   Most   of   these   individuals   simply   want   to   tell someone,   usually   in   great   detail,   about   what   they   would   like   to   have   happen   to   them.   They   almost   always   want me   to   tell   them   what   I   will   do   to   them   and   in   all   cases   it’s   apparent   that   they   have   not   studied   this   website   in   any detail.   Whilst   I   am   sympathetic   to   their   needs   this   is   something   that   I   simply   do   not   do.   I   am   aware   that   there   are many   chat   lines   who   provide   this   type   of   service   but   I   am   not   one   of   them.   The   main   reason   why   I   have   re written   the   appointments   page   is   so   I   can   explain   in   some   detail   the   procedure   that   you   will   need   to   follow   if   you wish   to   make   an   appointment   to   visit   my   study.   If   you   are   considering   visiting   for   the   first   time   and   you   cannot comply   with   the   protocols   set   out   on   the   appointments   page   then   I   am   afraid   I   cannot   and   will   not   take   an appointment   booking   from   you.   This   may   seem   harsh   but   I   can   longer   spend   time   ‘chating’   with   those   who   have telephoned to deliberately waste my time.  . . .  . . .  The   reasons   that   are   used   by   some   individuals   to   try   and   circumvent   my   appointment   protocols   in   order   that they    may    tell    me    their    fantasy    over    the    phone    rather    than    submit    an    email    are    usually    ridiculous    and unimaginative.   The   three   most   commonly   used   excuses   are;   ‘I   have   no   internet   access   of   any   kind’,   ‘I   have privacy   issues   when   I   browse   the   internet’   and   ‘I   have   no   secure   email   address’.   From   this   point   onwards   I   will accept   none   of   these   as   a   valid   excuse   for   being   unable   to   view   my   site   or   to   send   and   receive   email.   If   you have   no   internet   access   of   any   kind   then   use   an   internet   café.   If   you   have   internet   browsing   ‘security’   issues then   learn   how   to   delete   your   browsing   history.   If   you   do   not   have   a   secure   email   address   then   open   a   Hotmail account.   You   will      find   more   information   on   this   topic   in   the   updated   faqs   section   of   the   website.   I   apologise   if   all of   this   seems   a   little   harsh   but   I   feel      that   I   have   to   do   something   about   those   who   feel   that   it   is   okay   to   waste my   time.   I   firmly   believe   that   if   anyone   is   serious   about   visiting   my   study   then   they   will   have   no   issues   with complying with any of my protocols.    . .  . . .  Until the next time.  . . .  . . .  Mr Prendergast