The Headmaster’s Study
THE BLOG FROM THE HEADMASTER'S STUDY JUNE 2012 It’s been a long time since the last update but a lot has been happening at the Headmaster’s Study.   . Welcome   to   the   new   website.   The   old   site   used   very   old   (and   dated)   programming   software   and   simply   had   to go.   The   new   site   should   be   easier   to   use   and   update.   If   you   find   any   bugs   or   other   nasty   surprises   then   please let me know.   . You   will   notice   that   there   are   many   new   pictures   on   the   website.   Remember   that   you   can   increase   the   size   of just   about   all   the   pictures   by   simply   clicking   on   each   one.   Please   read   on   for   more   information   about   my   new surroundings.   .     Mr   Prendergast   is   now   tweeting.   To   join   my   Twitter   feed   please   click   on   the   link   at   the   top   of   the   page.   In   the future this will be the  easiest way to keep up with all of my activities.   . During   the   Spring   of   2012   the   builders   and   decorators   entered   my   school   to   carry   out   some   much   needed renovations.    Now    that    they    have    left    I    now    have    an    authentic    study    featuring    wood    panelling,    polished floorboards,   an   oak   desk   and   lots   of   other   period   features.   Even   the   telephone   is   in   keeping   with   the   new surroundings.   Those   boys   who   have   already   visited   have   given   the   new   look   a   great   big   thumbs   up.   Please   see the images below for a glimpse of what my new surroundings look like.
Since   my   appearance   in   issue   2   of   Get   Spanked   magazine   the   number   of   new   boys   and   girls   who   are   attending my   study   has      increased.   I   would   like   to   thank   all   those   who   have   been   in   touch   about   the   article.   All   of   the comments   have   been   favourable   and   I      am   delighted   that   so   many   of   you   were   able   to   take   something   from   the piece.  If   you   would   like   to   join   the   steadily   growing   number   of   adult   schoolboys   and   adult   schoolgirls   who   visit   my study then simply give  me a call.   .   So, as you see, a lot has been going on over the past few months. Until the next time ................................ P.S.   Previous   blog   posts   can   be   accessed   using   the   sub   menu   within   the   blog   menu   at   the   top   or   bottom   of   this page. Click  ‘Archive Blog Posts’.