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THE BLOG FROM THE HEADMASTER'S STUDY January 2012 Toward   the   middle   of   2011   I   was   contacted   by   the   editor   of   'Get   Spanked'   magazine   with   a   view   to   this   new,   high quality   printed   publication   producing   a   piece   on   the   Headmaster's   Study.   After   I   had   agreed   an   interview   and photo   shoot   was   held   and   the   piece   was   duly   prepared.   The   article   was   published   in   issue   two   of   'Get   Spanked' in   mid   December   2011   and   features   the   first   colour   photos   of   my   study   and   classroom.   With   the   permission   of   the editor you can read the article in its entirety below.  Click on each page to expand them.   . You   can   purchase   the   magazine   directly   from   the   get   Spanked   Web   site.   Simply   click   on   the   link   below   or   on   the links page to go  there now.   .
November 2011 Yet again it has been some considerable time since my web site was last updated.   . Over   the   comings   weeks   you   will   notice   a   few   minor   changes   at   The   Headmaster's   Study.   The   most   noticeable change   is   that   a      new   email   address   is   now   in   operation.   The   new   email   address   can   be   found   at   the   foot   of   the home   page   and   in   boxes   that      are   located   throughout   the   web   site.   The   old   email   address   will   continue   to   work   for the   foreseeable   future   so   you   should   not      have   any   problem   in   contacting   me.   However,   all   messages   sent   from   my study   will   now   come   from   the   new   email   address.   May   I   suggest   that   you   update   your   address   books   with   my   new email address as soon as you are able.   .
I   am   afraid   that   the   current   economic   climate   makes   it   impossible   for   me   to   maintain   my   fees   at   their   current      level. From   1st   January   2012   I   will   be   increasing   my   school   fees   for   a   one   to   one   session   to   £150.00.   I   still   believe   that the services I  provide offer exceptional value for money.   . For   those   who   have   visited   me   on   more   than   one   occasion   I   now   offer   longer   one   to   one   sessions.   These   sessions will   last   for   6   hours   and   will   include   a   full   timetabled   day   including   lessons   and   a   lunch   break.   You   will   wear traditional   school   uniform   and   you   will   be   under   my   strict   supervision   throughout   the   day.   The   fee   for   such   a session   is   £295.00.   You   can   see   more   details   concerning   what   is   on   offer   at   one   of   these   sessions   by   clicking here.   . My   School   Uniform   web   shop   goes   from   strength   to   strength!   I   am   constantly   adding   new   lines   so   if   you   are looking   for   the   finest,   British   made   school   uniform   for   adult   boys   and   adult   girls   then   please   take   a   look   at   my   on line web shop.   . My contact details are as follows.
July 2011 Six   months   since   the   last   update.   What   has   Mr   Prendergast   been   up   to?   To   answer   that   would   take   quite   a   while so   I   will   say   only   this.   I   have   been   busy   seeing   lots   of   new   pupils   and   establishing   H.P.S.   If   you   want   to   know what H.P.S is then all the clues are here. You just need to locate them.   . . .  Recently,   one   of   my   pupils   submitted   a   story   that   made   me   smile.   I   thought   that   you   may   also   like   to   read   and   so with   the   writer's   permission   I   have   reproduced   it   below.   I   think   it   captures   the   essence   of   why   many   'boys' choose to visit me.    .       THE ACCOUNTANT CALLS   . (By a current pupil)   . “Mr   Prendergast?   My   name’s   Carter,   from   Balystock   &   Bloom,   the   Accountants?   We   arranged   to   meet   and discuss your tax  return.”   . “Oh, yes, do come in Mr Carter.”   . Carter was soon seated with a cup of tea.    . “According to your tax return, you’re self-employed and effectively operate two businesses, is that correct?”   .       “It is indeed, Mr Carter.” “They’re listed as ‘clothing supplier’ and ‘tutoring’.”    .   “Correct again.”   . “Being   new   to   your   account,   I   did   an   online   check,   I   noticed   that   you’re   a,   a   rather   specialist   supplier   of   clothing. Adult   size   school   uniforms.   I,   I   wouldn’t   have   thought   there   was   much   of   a   market   for   that   sort   of   things   but   you seem to have quite a  good turnover?”   . “Oh,   there’s   lots   of   adults   who   like   to   recapture   the   feel   of   their   childhood   by   dressing   as   children.   And   school uniform is the classic children’s clothing. Wouldn’t you agree?”   . “Oh,   oh,   yes,   yes,   it   is.   I   always   felt   a   bit,   odd,   at   school   as   I   rather   liked   it,   always   thought   it   was   very   smart   but everyone else seemed to hate it. So, your customers, they try to recapture their childhood then?”   . “Oh,   yes,   ‘best   days   of   our   lives’.   One   of   the   truest   things   ever   said.   “Some   miss   the   years   when   they   had boundaries.   They   knew   where   they   were   when   they   had   to   smartly   turned   out   in   their   school   uniform,   especially if   they'd   worn   short   trousers   at   secondary   school.   They   had   to   be   polite   and   respectful   to   their   teachers,   parents, other    adults.    Knew    what    happened    if    they    misbehaved.    Then    suddenly,    all    that    was    transformed.    Off    to university,   dress   as   they   want,   do   what   they   want,   no   boundaries.   No   discipline.   I   get   a   lot   of   young   graduates who   would   like   to   be   back   in   their   schooldays.”   said   Mr      Prendergast,   looking   at   the   rather   nervous   twenty- something sat across from him.   . Carter’s cup rattled slightly in its saucer. “That, that's just how I feel, I mean felt, not, not now, of course. No.”   .     “Perhaps   you'd   like   to   see   the   stock,   Mr   Carter?”   They   went   through   to   Mr   Prendergast’s   stock   room.   Carter stared   in   awe      at   all   the   blazers,   caps,   socks,   ties,   satchels.   “It’s…   it’s   really   nice   quality”   said   Carter,   running   his hand over a pair of short  trousers. The ...boys… must look, very smart.”   . “I think you said you liked uniform as a boy. Wear one like this did you?”   . “Yes,   first   and   second   years   had   to   wear   short   trousers.   Optional   after   that,   nobody   did,   other   boys   would   have laughed   at      you.   Pity”   Carter’s   hand   lingered   on   the   shorts.   “We   moved   when   I   as   in   the   fourth   form.   My   new school, boys wore caps till  the fifth form. It, it was really nice to wear one again, it completes a uniform.”   . “Very   popular   line.”   Mr   Prendergast   handed   one   to   Carter.   “If   you'd   like   to   try   a   uniform   on,   you'd   be   very welcome.”   .     “I'd   probably,   would   ,   look,   well,   silly.”   “No,   you're   not   very   tall   and   you’re   still   very   youthful.   I   could   imagine   you dressed   as   a   sixth   former,   you'd   not   look   out   of   place.   But   I'm   afraid   I   don't   sell   long   trousers,   no   call   for   them, everyone   wants   to   feel      like   a   proper   school   boy,   in   short   trousers.”   Mr   Prendergast   ran   his   hand   over   the   same pair of shorts. “It would give you a  proper feel for the business. Dressing up in one of my uniforms.”   . Carter was almost visibly shaking. “Umm, well, yes, as you, say, give me a proper, feel.”   . “Good.   Well,   strip   off   then   Carter   and   I'll   find   you   something   suitable.”   In   no   time   Carter   was   dressed   as   a   prep school boy  in a classic, short-trousered school uniform. Carter felt incredible. Mr Prendergast smiled.   . “Very   smart,   Carter.   Very   smart.   You   look   ready   for   school.   For   the   other   side   of   my   business.   You're   ok   for   time are you?”   . “Err,   yes,   I,   I   told   my   manager   that   I   wouldn't   be   back,   that   I   have   an   appointment   at   the   dentist   for   this afternoon.”   .     “Do you have an appointment at the dentist?”. “Err, no, no I just wanted to, have time, time to, err.”   .     “Telling   fibs   about   dentist   appointments   in   order   to   bunk   off,   tut,   just   the   sort   of   thing   a   schoolboy   needs punishing for, eh  Carter?” Carter noticed that he hadn’t been ‘Mr Carter’ for a while.   . “Um, yes, I suppose I do.” “Sir.”   . “Well   then,   Carter,”   said   Mr   Prendergast   as   he   sat   down,   “Let's   have   you   over   my   knees   and   you   can   experience a bit more  of the service I provide to help people re-live their childhood.”   . Some time later...........   . “So,” said Mr Prendergast as he opened the front door, “there's no problems with my tax return then, Carter?”   .     “Oh,   indeed   not,   sir.   None   at   all,   sir.   Though   I,   I   might   just   have   to   make   a   return   visit   to   look   at   your   tutoring business   more      extensively.”   said   Carter   as   he   stood   with   his   bottom   aglow   and   his   newly   purchased   school uniform in a neat package  under his arm.   . THE END . I would like to offer my thanks to the author for allowing me to reproduce his story. . As many of you will already know I do operate a business selling the finest adult school uniform in adult sizes that is  available via the internet. Click on the link below to visit Adult Size School Uniform. .  
January     2011   .     I   have   changed   my   contact   telephone   number.   With   immediate   effect   I   will   be   available   on   the   telephone number   stated   at   the   foot   of   the   home   page.   You   will      find   it   much   easier   to   contact   the   Headmaster   from   this point   onward.   I   will   maintain   my   old   contact   number   for   a   few   months   before   I   have   it   disconnected.   Please   use the   new   number   from   now   on.   Many   of   the   pages   on   this   web   site   have   been   updated,   refreshed   or   have   been subjected   to   general   house   keeping.   The   changes   are   minor,   but   they   have   improved   the   overall   look   and   feel of   the   site.   If   you   have   not   visited   the   site   for   some   considerable   time   then   you   may   wish   to   re   read   the information that it contains. Happy new Year!   .
November 2010 Here   is   a   question   that   I   have   recently   been   asked   on   a   number   of   occasions   .   Why   has   it   taken   so   long   for   you to update your blog and website?  . . The   answer   to   that   is   simple.   The   purpose   of   this   website   is   to   promote   the   services   that   I   provide   and   I   am fairly   confident   that      it   achieves   that   without   being   constantly   updated.   This   site   is   not   about   selling   DVDs   or promoting   events   that   may   be   happening   elsewhere.   If   you   are   reading   this   then   you   are   (almost   certainly) interested   in   re   living   your   school   days,   engaging   in   role   play,   traditional   school   and   scout   uniform   and   (of course)   traditional   school   discipline.   The   site   provides   information      about   these   topics   without   needing   to   be constantly updated and tweaked.   .     However   a   good   tweak   never   hurt   anyone!   If   you   look   in   the   photo   section   you   will   find   new   pictures   that   were recently   taken   at   my   school   for   adult   boys.   These   pictures   feature   some   of   the   adult   pupils   I   have   seen   during these   past   few   months   as   well   as   new   images   of   the   rooms   I   use   for   school   and   scout   role   play.   Throughout 2010   I   have   replaced   and   renewed   many   items   of      furniture   as   well   as   purchasing   new   bookcases,   desks   and items   of   school   and   scout   memorabilia.   Many   of   these   replacements   and   new   editions   can   be   seen   in   the pictures.   .     During   the   spring   and   summer   I   have   welcomed   a   large   number   of   new   adult   boys   to   my   school.   Many   of   them have   become   good   friends.   If   you   are   thinking   of   paying   your   first   visit   to   my   study   then   there   has   never   been   a better time. My facilities are better than ever!   . I   have   been   asked   on   a   few   occasions   about   the   upper   age   limit   of   those   I   will   consider   seeing.   There   is   NO upper   age   limit   on   those   who   wish   to   visit   me.   If   you   are   well   and   able   enough   to   make   the   journey   from   your home   to   my   study   then   you   are   not   too   old   to   be   dealt   with   in   my   study.   I   have   added   a   couple   of   questions within the FAQ section that deal with this subject.   . Sadly,   due   to   the   current   economic   climate   I   am   having   to   raise   my   fees.   From   January   1st   2011   my   fee   will rise   to   £130.00   per   session.   A   30%   increase   may   sound   a   lot   but   I   have   been   offering   my   services   for   over   6 years   and   during   all   of   that   time   my      fee   has   remained   the   same   at   £100.00.   I   simply   cannot   absorb   rising   costs anymore   and   as   such   I   must   pass   part   of   these   increases   onto   my   clients.   I   absolutely   believe   that   at   £130.00 my fees still offer remarkable value for money.   . Until the next time .............   .
January 2010 It's nice to be back!   . Some   of   you   may   remember   this   website   from   when   it   was   last   online   and   active.   Around   18   months   ago   I   had to take the site down for personal reasons.   . In   the   time   I   have   been   away   my   facilities   for   adult   school   role   play   have   been   improved.   My   schoolroom   now has   more   space   and   a   new   clock   and   desks   have   been   added.   Click   here   to   see   the   pictures   on   my   introduction page for more details.   . One   of   my   boys   has   asked   if   I   can   find   another   pupil   who   would   like   to   attend   school   with   him.      To   this   end   I   am currently   looking   for   other   boys   who   feel   they   would   benefit   from   a   day   in   school   with   a   fellow   pupil.   Initially   I plan   on   running   a   day   school   for   just      2   or   3   boys.   The   event   will   run   from   10.00am   until   4.00pm   on   a   date   to   be arranged   by   mutual   consent   between   all   parties   concerned.   During   the   day   formal   school   lessons   will   be   taught and   appropriate   discipline   will   be   given   when   deemed   necessary.   Formal   school   uniform   will   be   required   and worn   throughout   the   day.   This   will   include   blazer,   short   grey   trousers,   knee   length   socks,   etc.   A   light   school lunch will be served at around 1.00pm.   .     To   be   considered   for   the   day   school   you   must   have   attended   a   1-to-1   session   with   me   on   at   least   one   occasion. If   you   have   not   yet   done   so   then   you   can   make   arrangements   to   visit   by   clicking   here  .   You   must   also   seek   a genuine   school   role   play   scene.   Ideally   your   school   role   play   age   should   be   between   9   and   13.   The   lessons   will be   geared   to   boys   of   preparatory   school   age.   The   day   will   NOT   solely   revolve   around   corporal   punishment   !   You will be given real lessons and will be expected to learn.   . For further information please send an email to the address stated at the foot of the   home page   .