The Headmaster’s Study
BACKGROUND INFORMATION   . The information contained on this page is very important. Please study it carefully.   . LADIES I fully understand how difficult it can be for ladies to become involved in this type of activity.   . Having   stated   the   above,   I   do   know   that   there   are   many   ladies   who   would   like   to   dress   as   an   adult   schoolgirl   in order   to   make   a   visit   to   my   study.   If   you   are   a   lady   then   please   bear   in   mind   that   all   adult   schoolgirls   are   treated   in exactly   the   same   way   as   adult   schoolboys.   The   only   difference   will   be   the   clothes   that   you   will   wear.   You   will   find more information on this topic in the   faqs   . If   you   are   a   female   and   you   feel   that   any   of   the   services   that   I   offer   would   be   of   benefit   to   you   then   please   do   not hesitate to get in touch. You will be treated with dignity and understanding throughout your contact with me.   . INITIAL VISIT & ONE TO ONE VISITS   . You   must   be   at   least   21   years   of   age   before   I   will   consider   seeing   you.   The   fee   for   a   one   to   one   session   is £200.00.   .  . The   content   of   each   session   will   vary   from   client   to   client   and   the   amount   of   time   that   they   have   available.   You should   allow   at   least   3   hours   for   your   first   visit.   If   you   are   visiting   for   a   role   play   and   discipline   experience   then you can expect the following:   . After   our   initial   meeting   in   a   public   location   I   will   accompany   you   to   my   home   where   over   refreshments   we   will discuss   your   session   and   what   you   require   from   it.   Depending   on   your   level   of   experience   you   can   expect   this discussion   to   last   up   to   30   minutes.   You   will   then   be   taken   upstairs   and   will   be   asked   to   change   into   your   uniform. If   I   am   to   loan   you   a   uniform   then   you   may   choose   one   from   my   extensive   collection   or   if   you   prefer   it,   I   will   select one for you.   . Your    initial    role    play    session    will    last    approximately    20    to    30    minutes    during    which    the    scenario    you    have submitted   will   be   used   as   a   ‘driver’   for   the   disciplinary   session.   (Please   see   ‘  Submitting   Your   Scenario  ’   for   more information   on   this   point.)   Whilst   in   role   you   will   make   the   acquaintance   of   my   hand,   slipper,   strap   and   cane.   You will   be   dealt   with   across   my   knee   and   whilst   bent   over   a   chair   or   touching   your   toes.   You   will   refer   to   me   as   'Sir'   or 'Headmaster' at all times.   . We   will   then   break   for   approximately   10   to   15   minutes   during   which   time   we   will   discuss   your   session   and   make sure that everything is proceeding as you would want.   . A   further   longer   role   play   session   will   follow   usually   culminating   in   you   being   bent   across   my   leather   sofa   for   a dose of the cane.   . N.B. I may choose to continue the role play without a break if I believe you are coping well.   . At   the   end   of   the   session   you   will   change   back   into   your   everyday   clothes.   After   final   refreshments   and   a   chat your session will be concluded.   . A VISIT FOR AN EXTENDED SESSION   . To   attend   an   extended   session   you   MUST   have   attended   my   study   for   a   one   to   one   visit   on   at   least   one   other occasion.   During   that   previous   occasion   you   MUST   have   demonstrated   that   you   will   benefit   from   attending   an extended   session   under   my   watchful   eye.   If   you   are   attending   for   an   extended   session   then   you   will   arrive   at school   at   an   agreed   time   between   9.30am   and   11.30am.   School   will   begin   approximately   30   minutes   after   you arrive   and   will   last   approximately   two   and   a   half   hours.   You   will   wear   a   formal   school   uniform   and   will   be   'in   role' throughout   the   session.   In   addition   to   visits   to   the   study   you   will   follow   a   programme   of   tuition   decided   upon   at   the time   you   book   your   appointment.   The   cost   of   an   extended   session   is   £275.00.   It   is   important   to   point   out   that   an extended   session   will   not   solely   revolve   around   corporal   punishment.   You   will   be   expected   to   learn   and   you   may be tested on the subject you have studied.   .     CONSENT   . Consent   is   a   very   important   point   and   I   only   ever   play   consensual   school   role   play   games.   By   dressing   in   school uniform   and   agreeing   to   enter   my   study   you   will   be   consenting   to   corporal   punishment   being   used   on   you   at   a level   that   has   been   agreed   at   your   interview.   It   is   important   to   understand   that   whilst   in   the   context   of   a   role   play scenario   you   may   be   'forced'   to   do   many   things   such   as   wear   short   trousers,   receive   '6   of   the   best'   or   stand   in   the corner   but   in   reality   you   will   be   forced   to   do   nothing.   Nothing   will   EVER   happen   to   you   without   your   express consent.   .     CONFIDENTIALITY & DISCRETION   . I   expect   total   confidentiality   from   all   who   visit   my   home   and   study.   I   will   never   discuss   your   appointment   or   its content   with   any   third   party   unless   you   give   me   your   express   permission.   None   of   your   personal   information,   such as   email   address   and   telephone   numbers   will   ever   be   released   to   any   third   party   or   organisation.   I   expect   all those who visit to be quiet and discreet when arriving and leaving my home.   .     PHOTOGRAPHS   . Should   you   wish   to   have   photographs   taken   then   this   can   be   arranged   for   you.   I   will   only   take   photographs   to which   you   consent   and   these   will   be   downloaded   in   your   presence   and   then   placed   onto   your   own   memory   stick for   you   to   take   away   as   a   complimentary   souvenir   of   your   visit.   You   are   under   NO   obligation   to   be   photographed. If you wish to take your pictures away with you then you MUST provide your own memory stick.   .
Girls are treated in the same way as boys. All work to be neat and tidy. Lessons are always interesting.