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The Headmaster’s Study
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OCTOBER 2015 It has been sometime since the ‘Headmaster’s Study’ was last updated.   Recently I was contacted by a prospective new pupil who was unsure if the study was still open to prospective new  boys and girls. His reason for this was the lack of recent updates. This had given him the impression that my study  may have closed. This potential new boy had a very good point! I have been extremely busy over these past few months. Matters in my private life and the increased success of the  uniform shop have meant that this website has, perhaps, not had the attention that it deserves. A continuous flow of  new pupils to my study door has also meant that I have perhaps neglected this important aspect of what I do.  I want to assure all of you that I am still welcoming all adult schoolboys and adult schoolgirls in my study. If you have  never visited before then now is a great time to make an initial contact. I am available on the telephone during  normal office hours from Monday to Friday. I must point out that the purpose of this site has always been to be purely informative. It was never my intention to  update these pages on daily or weekly basis. Please consider this site a way for you to decide if the services I offer  are exactly what you are looking for. By the way. You can read all of my archive posts by hovering over the ‘blog’ button above and clicking on your  chosen page. I will be posting again soon. Thanks for reading. .  
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