The Headmaster’s Study
MAY 2016 The   number   of   clients   who   are   now   asking   if   they   can   send   their   wife   /   husband   /   play   partner   to   see   me   is   on   the increase.   For   this   reason   I   must   make   my   position   clear.   It   is   vitally   important   that   I   am   satisfied   that   anyone   who wishes   to   visit   my   study   does   so   of   their   own   free   will. To   that   end   I   will   not   accept   any   booking   that   is   made   on   behalf of   a   third   party.   So,   if   you   wish   to   visit   my   study   then   it   is   you   that   needs   to   be   sending   the   email   or   making   the telephone   call.   Or,   to   put   another   way,   if   you   are   not   the   person   who   will   be   making   the   visit   then   please   don’t   get   in touch.   This   is   simply   a   matter   of   establishing   consent   and   consent   is   the   conerstone   of   any   role-play   /   corporal punishment encounter.  And in other matters………………. I   have   had   to   deal   with   several   ‘time   wasters’   over   these   past   few   weeks   and   my   spirits   have   been   rather   low. However,   I   do   occasionally   receive   an   email   that   restores   my   faith   in   the   human   condition.   I   received   the   following from   a   client   who   has   made   a   number   of   visits   to   see   me   over   the   past   12   months.   I   reproduce   part   of   this   emal   below with the consent of the client concerned. It   was   after   weeks   (or   really   years!)   of   deciding   for/against,   that   I   rang   your   mobile   number   for   the   first time.      It   went   through   to   voicemail   and   I   left   a   hesitant   message   only   for   you   to   call   me   back   within   a minute.   Even   now,   I   remember   my   nerves   at   speaking   to   you.   When   I   came   off   the   'phone   I   remember vividly   being   particularly   amazed   that   I   had   had   a   conversation   with   a   real   person   where   at   some   point   you had   referred   to   cp   or   cane   -   suddenly   theory   had   a   hint   of   reality!      It   was   six   weeks   before   we   then   met when   that   initial   euphoria   had   turned   to   utter   nerves   -   followed   by   euphoria   once   more   as   I   left   your   study that   day.   I   look   back   very   fondly   to   our   meeting   especially   for   its   relaxed   and   friendly   nature.     You   put   huge effort into that and, for me at least, that distinct approach you take is hugely appreciated. (I must stress that I never return phonecalls unless you specifically ask me to do so.) As   I   have   said   many   times   before,   I   believe   that   taking   the   first   step   to   see   someone   like   me   is   always   the   hardest.   I full   appreciate   how   difficult   it   can   be   for   novices   (ladies   in   paticular)   to   pluck   up   the   courage   to   get   in   touch.   If   you   do decide   that   it   is   time   to   turn   your   fantasy   into   a   reality   then   I   can   assure   you   that   you   will   be   treated   with   courtesy   and respect at all times.   APRIL 2016 Some   of   you   may   have   noticed   some   instability   within   my   website   over   the   past   week   or   so. This   was   due   to   a   change of   computer   system.   Hopefully   things   will   now   be   back   to   normal.   If   you   spot   a   ‘glitch’   on   the   site   then   please   let   me know. A full update will appear shortly. DECEMBER 2015 Another year has come to an end at the Headmaster’s Study.   Yet   again   I   have   been   surprised   at   the   diverse   nature   of   those   who   have   chosen   to   visit   over   these   past   12   months. As   you   might   expect   lots   of   adult   schoolboys,   schoolgirls   and   special   girls   have   made   the   journey   to   my   study. However,   I   have   seen   more   novices   than   I   would   have   imagined   and   I   have   also   seen   an   increase   in   those   who   visit with   many   year’s   experience.   Those   who   are   choosing   to   visit   from   overseas   have   also   increased   with   many   now routinely visiting from Europe. I have also welcomed visitors from as far away as the USA and Australia! The   study   door   will   re-open   in   early   2016   and   if   you   have   not   already   done   so   then   I   would   invite   you   to   get   in   touch and   begin   your   own   journey   toward   the   Headmaster’s   Study.   If   you   follow   the   guidelines   and   protocols   laid   out   on   this website   then   making   an   appointment   is   an   easy   thing   to   do.   I   only   ever   see   1   person   a   day   so   visits   are   never   rushed. You   will   be   welcomed   by   someone   who   understands   what   you   want   and   who   will   deal   with   you   with   respect   and courtesy.   Your   visit   will   remain   confidential   and   will   never   be   discussed   with   any   3rd   party.   Whether   you   are   a   novice or an experienced player then I would be delighted to welcome you in 2016.   May I take this opportunity to pass on my very best wishes for the forthcoming holiday season. See you all in 2016. OCTOBER 2015 It has been sometime since the ‘Headmaster’s Study’ was last updated. Recently   I   was   contacted   by   a   prospective   new   pupil   who   was   unsure   if   the   study   was   still   open   to   prospective   new boys   and   girls.   His   reason   for   this   was   the   lack   of   recent   updates.   This   had   given   him   the   impression   that   my   study may have closed. This potential new boy had a very good point! I   have   been   extremely   busy   over   these   past   few   months.   Matters   in   my   private   life   and   the   increased   success   of   the uniform   shop   have   meant   that   this   website   has,   perhaps,   not   had   the   attention   that   it   deserves.   A   continuous   flow   of new pupils to my study door has also meant that I have perhaps neglected this important aspect of what I do. I   want   to   assure   all   of   you   that   I   am   still   welcoming   all   adult   schoolboys   and   adult   schoolgirls   in   my   study.   If   you   have never   visited   before   then   now   is   a   great   time   to   make   an   initial   contact.   I   am   available   on   the   telephone   during   normal office hours from Monday to Friday. I   must   point   out   that   the   purpose   of   this   site   has   always   been   to   be   purely   informative.   It   was   never   my   intention   to update   these   pages   on   daily   or   weekly   basis.   Please   consider   this   site   a   way   for   you   to   decide   if   the   services   I   offer are exactly what you are looking for. By   the   way. You   can   read   all   of   my   archive   posts   by   hovering   over   the   ‘blog’   button   above   and   clicking   on   your   chosen page. I will be posting again soon. Thanks for reading.  .