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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE 1 This   is,   without   doubt,   the   most   important   page   on   my   web   site   and   now   has   been   split   over   2   pages.   Click   here    for   the second page or on the link at the bottom of this page.  . The   FAQs   are   extensive   and   will   almost   certainly   answer   any   questions   you   may   have.   Much   of   the   information   given   in these   faqs   appears   in   the   main   body   of   the   site   but   some   of   it   does   not.   Some   questions   may   seem   petty   or   irrelevant but   I   can   assure   you   they   are   all   here   because   I   have   had   cause   to   answer   them   at   least   once.   It   may   take   a   little   while, but if you are serious about visiting then please read through every question and its answer. . Please   pay   special   attention   to   the   questions   concerning   making   and   cancelling   appointments.   My   rules   in   this   area   are strict!  . I   take   your   privacy   seriously   and   many   of   the   questions   will   reinforce   this   key   issue.   If   your   question   is   not   dealt   with here or in some other part of the site then please get in touch by email, telephone or Yahoo Messenger.  . Q) What is your fee and how can I pay?  . A)   My   fee   for   a   standard   session   that   lasts   up   to   3   hours   with   up   to   90   minutes   spent   in   role   is   £180.00.   My   fee   for   an extended   session   that   lasts   up   to   4   hours   with   up   to   2   1/2      hours   spent   in   role   is   £250.00.   The   fees   will   include   the   loan of   a   school   uniform   should   you   require   one. The   fees   are   non   negotiable   and   are   payable   upon   your   arrival   at   my   home. You   may   pay   by   cash,   credit   or   debit   card.   PayPal   is   also   accepted,   in   advance,   but   with   a   surcharge   of   £15.00.   No other form of payment is accepted. . Q) Why do you charge a fee?  . A)   Because   I   am   a   professional   and   I   offer   a   professional   service.   I   have   invested   considerable   time,   effort   and   money in   promoting   this   website   and   the   services   I   offer.   In   addition   I   promote   my   services   using   paid   advertising   in   magazines and   on   other   websites.   Considerable   time   and   effort   has   also   gone   in   to   preparing   rooms   in   my   home   for   use   in   adult school   role   play   games.   Just   look   at   the   pictures   to   confirm   this.   Your   role   play   session   will   take   place   in   my   study   and classroom   and   not   in   a   living   room   /   kitchen   /   bedroom   or   some   other   makeshift   location.   I   also   offer   the   use   of   my   own school   and   scout   uniforms   for   those   who   do   not   have   their   own.   Working   as   a   professional   I   have   no   personal   agenda concerning   your   visit.   My   sole   aim   is   to   give   you   what   YOU   want   from   your   visit   and   as   such   a   professional   relationship is essential. Hence, I charge a fee. . Q) I really would like to visit but I simply cannot afford your fee. Can I pay in some other way?  .   A)   No.   I   am   afraid   I   do   not   need   a   gardener,   painter,   cleaner,   handyman   etc.   I   believe   the   service   I   provide   offers   good value for money. . Q) How old do I have to be before you will see me?  . A)   You   must   have   reached   the   age   of   21   years   before   I   will   consider   seeing   you.   I   am   aware   that   the   age   of   consent   is lower but I am uncomfortable in dealing with those who are under the age of 21. .   Q) I consider myself to be quite old. Do you have an upper age limit on those you will consider seeing?  .   A)   No.   I   will   not   discriminate   against   those   who   are   more   mature.   There   is   no   upper   age   limit   on   those   who   I   will   see.   I already   see   a   number   of   gentlemen   who   are   in   their   mid   70s.   If   you   are   physically   able   to   make   the   journey   from   your home to my study then you are certainly not too old to be dealt with in my study. . Q) I have a beard / moustache / other facial hair. Will you still see me?  . A) Yes. I do not discriminate against those who have facial hair .  . Q) I have a disability. Should I tell you about it and if I do will you still see me?  . A) Yes.   I   do   not   discriminate   against   those   who   has   a   disability.   It   will   help   make   your   visit   more   enjoyable   if,   before   you arrive, I  am made aware of any disability that you may have.  . Q) I have an illness. Should I tell you about it and if I do will you still see me?  .   A)   If   you   are   unwell   and   have   an   acute   illness   then   you   should   not   come   to   see   me.   Colds,   flu   and   other   infectious diseases   require   rest   and   recovery.   Also   I   don't   want   to   catch   whatever   it   is   you   may   have.   However,   if   you   are   living with   a   chronic   illness   and   are   managing   your   condition   using   medication   then   I   will   see   you.   It   is   very   important   that   you bring any chronic illness to my attention at the time of our first contact. . Q) How can I contact you?  . A) Here are all of my contact details. You will also find them dotted around the site.  .
Please see the notes on the appointments page  for further advice on how to make contact.  . Q) I don’t have access to the internet so how can I read your website?  . A) Then how are you reading this answer?  . Q) Are the people shown on your website actors or models?  . A)   No.   Everyone   shown   on   my   website   is   a   real   adult   schoolboy   or   adult   schoolgirl.   They   have   all   independently chosen to visit me. They have all given their consent for their pictures to be used on my website.  . Q) Can I tell you my scenario over the telephone?  . A)   No.   I   will   not   spend   time   discussing   role-play   or   discipline   scenarios   over   the   telephone.   If   I   did   I   would   be inundated   with   callers   wanting   to   do   just   that   and   nothing   more.   You   must   submit   details   of   your   scenario   or   reasons why   you   need   to   be   disciplined   via   an   email.   You   will   be   asked   to   submit   an   email   after   your   appointment   has   been confirmed.   If   discussing   your   fantasy,   over   the   telephone,   is   all   you   want   then   please   try   a   live   1   to   1   premium   rate chat line or some other similar service. . Q) But I can’t email you because my email account is not private and someone may see what I am sending to you?  . A)   Whilst   I   fully   accept   that   confidentiality   is   essential   when   playing   these   games,   I   do   not   accept   that   lack   of   privacy   is a   valid   excuse   for   not   being   able   to   communicate   via   email.   Please   open   a   new   secure   email   account   via   Hotmail. They   are   free,   easy   to   set   up   and   totally   private.   No   messages   will   be   stored   directly   on   your   computer   and   no   one   will see any message you send (or  receive) unless you divulge your email address and password to a third party. . Q) Why won't you accept emails containing attachments?  . A)   I   will,   but   only   after   I   have   confirmed   you   are   serious   about   your   interest   in   my   services.   Like   many,   I   have   been   a victim   of   computer   software   attack   by   virus   and   Trojan.   No   further   explanation   is   necessary.   If   you   want   a   guaranteed response to your initial email then please do not send your correspondence as an attachment. . Q) Can I email you as my role play character?  . A)   Not   initially.   During   our   early   communication   I   will   need   to   speak   with   the   real   you.   This   approach   will   avoid   any confusion   on   both   sides   and   will   allow   me   to   understand   your   needs   more   quickly. After   your   first   visit   I   will   allow   you   to write to me under the guise of your role play character. . Q) Can I email you in the role of my uncle, guardian, father, housemaster etc?  . A) Please see the answer to the previous question.  . Q) Why will you not accept a call from a number which is withheld?  . A)   To   be   blunt   this   has   to   do   with   the   high   volume   of   time   wasters   who   seem   to   inhabit   this   scene.   Calling   from   a number   which   is   not   withheld   is   a   sign   of   trust   and   a   sign   that   you   are   serious   about   taking   your   enquiry   further.   (For your   own   peace   of   mind   and   as   a   matter   of   protocol   I   NEVER   return   phone   calls   unless   you   ask   me   to.)   If   you   are serious about visiting you will find a way to  call from a number which is not withheld.  . Q) Can I communicate with you by text or picture messaging?  . A)   Absolutely   not.   Due   to   the   large   number   of   texts   I   receive   from   those   who   have   no   intention   of   making   an appointment I never  respond to text or picture messages. . Q) Can I send my wife / girlfriend / husband / boyfriend / play partner to see you?  . A) Absolutely   not.   I   must   always   speak   with   the   individual   concerned.   I   must   always   be   happy   that   anyone   who   intends to   visit   my   study   does   so   under   their   own   free   will.   I   will   not   allow   anyone   to   book   an   appointment   for   a   third   party   so please do not ask. . Q) What is your experience?  . A)   I   first   became   interested   in   the   adult   schoolboy   scene   at   around   the   age   of   11   or   12.   (I   know   that   sounds   like   a contradiction   in   terms   but   it   is   simply   a   fact.)   My   interests   remained   private   until   I   was   25.   Since   then   I   have   gained valuable   experience   in   dealing   with   naughty   adult   boys   and   girls   by   practising   what   I   describe   on   this   site.   I   am   most certainly   a   person   who   'does'   and   not   someone   who      simply   talks   about   it.   I   currently   have   a   small   group   of   ladies   and gentlemen who visit on a regular basis who enjoy the experiences I give  them. . Q) How do I make an appointment to visit you?  . A) A detailed description of the appointment procedure is given here .  .    Q) Why do I have to telephone to confirm my appointment a day or so before my visit?  . A)   Unfortunately   there   are   some   individuals   who   think   it   is   acceptable   or   even   funny   to   make   an   appointment   knowing that   they   have   no   intention   of   ever   turning   up.   Any   person   who   fully   intends   to   visit   should   have   no   problem   in contacting me a day or so before their visit and complying with this condition. . Q) Can I cancel my appointment?  . A)   Yes.   I   fully   appreciate   that   appointments   occasionally   have   to   be   cancelled   and   sometimes   at   quite   short   notice.   I also   appreciate   that   some   may   get   'cold   feet'   about   their   visit.   All   I   ask   is   that   you   have   the   courtesy   to   call   or   email and   let   me   know   that   you   cannot   make   your   appointment. Please   remember   that   if   you   cancel   your   initial   visit   (for any   reason)   then   you   will   be   asked   to   pay   in   advance   if   you   decide   to   re-book.   If   you   have   previously   visited   and you   cancel   two   consecutive   appointments   then   you   will   also   be   asked   to   pay   in   advance   for   a   third   appointment. Please   remember   that   is   you   cancel   an   appointment   for   which   you   have   paid   in   advance   (for   any   reason)   then your fee will be forfeit.   .   . Q) Will not telephoning to confirm my visit be adequate to let you know I cannot make it?  . A)   Absolutely   not!   If   you   have   to   cancel   you   MUST   inform   me   by   phone   as   soon   as   possible.   If   you   cannot   speak   to me   personally   then   please   leave   a   message   on   my   mobile   answer   phone. Any   visit   which   is   not   formally   cancelled   by phone will be treated as you failing to show up without explanation. . Q)   If   I   make   an   appointment   to   see   you   and   do   not   show   up   without   an   explanation   will   you   really   refuse   to   see   me ever again?  . A) Yes,   absolutely!   No   excuses   accepted. Time   is   the   most   precious   commodity   we   have   and   I   will   not   allow   anyone   to waste   mine   more   than   once.   In   today's   world   of   modern   communication   cancelling   an   appointment   is   an   easy   thing   to do.   Most   of   us   have   a   mobile   phone   and   a   computer.   For   the   minority   who   do   not   there   is   always   a   BT   land   line   or   at worst   a   coin   box.   If   you   must   cancel,   even   at   short   notice,   then   a   brief   phone   call   is   all   that   is   required.   But,   if   you   fail to turn up without an explanation you will not get a second chance. . Q) How long will the session last?  . A)   For   those   who   visit   for   an   initial   meeting   or   a   subsequent   one   to   one   encounter,   ie   role   play   and   discipline,   then   a typical   session   from   arrival   to   departure   will   last   from   2   to   3   hours. Around   90   minutes   of   that   time   will   be   spent   in   role. For   those   who   are   visiting   for   an   extended   session   (to   include   lessons)   then   around   two   and   a   half   hours   will   be   spent in role. For those who are visiting purely for discipline then a typical session will last for an hour.  . Q) I can’t arrive before 11.30am. Can I still see you?  . A)   Yes.   However,   all   visits   need   to   be   concluded   by   3.00pm.   If   you   wish   to   arrive   after   11.30am   then   your   session maybe   limited   by   the   amount   of   available   time.   If   you   have   seen   me   previously   then   this   may   not   be   an   issue   but   if   you are visiting for the first time then I strongly recommend that you plan to arrive before my 11.30am deadline. . Q) I don't have up to 3 hours to spare. Will you see me for a shorter time?  . A)   Yes.   The   minimum   appointment   period   is   1   hour.   I   prefer   a   relaxed   approach   and   periods   of   less   than   1   hour invariably   lead   to   a   feeling   of   a   session   being   rushed.   If   you   simply   want   to   be   punished   while   wearing   your   school uniform   then   a   session   of   1   hour   will   be   sufficient,   but   if   you   want   to   receive   tuition   or   complete   written   school   work then   you   should   allow   significantly   longer.   If   it   is   to   be   your   first   visit   you   should   allow   a   minimum   of   3   hours.   Please bear   in   mind   that   irrespective   of   the   duration   of   your   visit,   my   fee   will   remain   the   same   dependent   on   the   service   you have booked. . Q)   For   health   reasons   /   personal   reasons   /   other   reasons,   I   prefer   to   role   play   for   only   short   periods   of   time.   Is   this OK?  . A)   Yes.   If   you   wish   your   visit   to   be   made   up   of   several   short   sessions   interspersed   with   out   of   role   breaks   then   please let me know. Some visitors do prefer this approach and I have no issue with it.  . Q) I like to use alcohol / drugs either before, during or after a roleplay or discipline session. Is this OK?  . A)   No. This   is   a   serious   point.   If   you   are   under   the   influence   of   drugs   or   alcohol   I   will   refuse   to   see   you.   Consequently   I will   not   allow   their   use   before,   during   or   after   a   session.   If   you   are   found   to   be   using   them   illicitly   during   a   session   you will be asked to leave.  . Q) Can I use poppers?  . A)   No.   For   no   other   reason   than   they   leave   a   disgusting   smell   in   my   home. As   with   drugs   and   alcohol   if   you   are   caught using them illicitly you will be asked to leave. . Q) What is your height, weight, colour of eyes etc?  . A)   If   this   stuff   is   important   to   you   then   you   should   look   elsewhere.   All   of   the   pictures   in   which   I   feature   show   a   true likeness of myself. . Q) Do you really offer this service from your own home?  . A) Yes I do and I expect all who visit to respect my home as if it were their own.  . Q) I am gay / straight / bi (insert your sexual orientation here) will you see me?  . A) Yes, your sexual orientation is irrelevant to me. . Q) I am transgendered. Will you still see me?  . A) Yes. I will not discriminate against anyone who is transgendered.  . Q) I am an adult schoolgirl and would like to visit. Will you see me?  . A)   Yes   I   will.   I   understand   how   difficult   it   can   be   for   ladies   (particularly   single   ladies)   to   become   involved   in   the   adult school   role   play   scene.   I   have   a   lot   of   experience   dealing   with   adult   schoolgirls   and   I   offer   the   same   service   to   them   as I   do   for   adult   schoolboys. You   will   need   to   provide   your   own   school   uniform   which   must   be   traditional   in   nature.   l   prefer adult   girls   to   wear   white   or   navy   knickers   and   white   knee   socks.   I   will   not   see   adult   schoolgirls   who   prefer   the   ‘St Trinian’s’ look.  . Q) I am a TV schoolgirl. Will you see me?  . A) Yes I will. You will need to provide your own girls uniform as described in the answer above.  . Q) What will happen when I visit you?  . A)   Nothing   will   happen   that   would   not   have   occurred   during   a   visit   to   the   Headmaster's   Study   at   a   public   or   private school   during   the   1950s   or   1960s.   I   am   quite   prepared   to   act   out   any   school   scene   you   wish   to   bring   to   me   or   I   will create   one   for   you   but   please   do   not   telephone   or   email   asking   me   specifically   'what   will   happen   to   me   during   a session'. . Q) What will happen to me during a session is a fair question ! Why won't you answer it more fully?  . A)   On   this   point   I   need   to   be   blunt.   Unfortunately   there   are   a   few   who   would   keep   me   chatting   on   the   phone   or   internet for   hours   about   the   content   of   a   session   with   no   intention   of   ever   taking   things   further.   I   know   this   from   experience.   If all   you   want   is   to   discuss   your   fantasy   and   not   make   it   a   reality   then   there   are   many   one-to-one   premium   rate   chat services which can assist you further.  . Q) Are the implements that you use for corporal punishment kept clean?  . A)   Yes.   Every   implement   that   I   use   during   a   visit   to   my   study   is   cleaned   and   disinfected   before   it   is   used   on   someone else. . Q) Role play does not interest me. Will you still see me?  . A) Yes. Make sure you inform me at the time of your booking that corporal punishment is all that you require. . Q) I'm not very good at role play. Can I still come to see you?  . A)   Of   course!   Role   play   is   not   essential.   If   you   just   want   to   visit,   dress   in   a   school   or   scout   uniform   and   receive   a punishment,   then   that   can   be   arranged.   I   consider   myself   to   be   a   very   good   'teacher'   of   role   play   skills   so   even   if   you have   never   tried   role   play   before   I   would   always   suggest   you   give   it   a   go.   I   can   make   a   role   play   experience   very enjoyable even for those who consider themselves to be 'not very good'.  . Q)   I   really   do   like   dressing   in   school   uniform   and   I   enjoy   role   play   but   I   do   not   want   to   be   punished.   Can   I   still   come and see you?  . A) Yes. There   are   a   small   group   of   adult   boys   and   girls   who   are   not   too   keen   on   experiencing   physical   discipline.   If   you are   one   of   these   then   please   make   me   aware   during   our   initial   contact.   I   am   happy   to   see   those   who   require   no discipline at all and those who wish to be  introduced to it in a gentle manner. . Q) I want to be dealt with by an uncle or father figure in home surroundings. Will you do that?  . A) Yes I will. Please let me know this is what you want when you call to discuss your appointment. . Q) Can I bring someone with me to witness my punishment or to participate in the role play?  . A)   Not   initially.   I   would   need   to   see   you   for   a   one   to   one   on   a   couple   of   occasions   before   I   would   consider   allowing   a third   person   to   be   present   during   any   session.   If   I   do   allow   you   to   bring   someone   with   you   then   an   additional   fee   of £50.00 will apply.  . CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO THE SECOND PAGE OF FAQS