The Headmaster’s Study
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE 2 Welcome to the second page of faqs. Please study carefully! . Q)   I   have   a   specific   school   fantasy   that   I   wish   to   create   or   an   actual   event   I   would   like   to   recreate.   Will   you   be   able   to help? . .   A) Providing the fantasy can be achieved by just the two of us then almost certainly the answer is yes.  .    Q) I want to be punished in front of another adult schoolboy or adult schoolgirl. Can you help?  . .    A) This   is   one   of   the   most   common   school   related   fantasies.   I   can   arrange   for   another   person   to   be   present   or   to   take part   in   your   punishment.   But   before   I   would   consider   introducing   you   to   one   of   my   other   pupils   for   a   'double'   session, you would need to make  a couple of successful solo visits. . Q)   I   want   to   be   forced   to   wear   a   traditional   schoolboy   or   schoolgirl   uniform.   Will   you   force   me   to   wear   a   uniform   like that?  . A)   This   is   another   of   the   most   common   adult   schoolboy   and   adult   schoolgirl   fantasies.   I   am   quite   happy   to   enact   this scenario   with   you.   For   example   I   can   demote   you   from   a   senior   boy   /   girl   to   a   junior   boy   /   girl   and   put   you   back   into short   trousers,   knee   socks   and   a   cap   if   you   are   a   boy   or   a   short   grey   pleated   skirt   and   white   knee   socks   if   you   are   a girl.   Alternatively   you   can   be   sent   from   another   school   and   be   forced   to   wear   the   traditional   uniform   of   your   new school. . Q) I want to be taken outside and perhaps even punished while I am wearing my school uniform. Can you help?  .   .   A)   I’m   afraid   that   this   is   a   service   that   I   can   no   longer   provide.   If   you   are   looking   to   be   taken   outside   whilst   wearing your uniform or you wish to be punished outside then you will need to look elsewhere.  . Q) What do I call you?  . A)   During   a   school   role   play   session   you   will   refer   to   me   as   'Mr   Prendergast',   'Sir'   or   'Headmaster'   at   all   times.   During a   domestic   or   home   scene   then   'uncle'   will   be   acceptable.   Outside   of   any   role   play   activity   you   are   quite   welcome   to use my forename which I will give to you at the end of your first appointment.  . Q) What will you call me?  . A)   Depending   on   your   preference   I   will   use   either   your   forename   or   surname.   If   you   prefer   I   can   use   just   your surname or depending on how cross I am with you a combination of both. . Q) What will you wear?  . A)   I   have   a   range   of   traditional   clothing   which   is   suitable   for   this   type   of   role   play   activity.   This   includes   a   tweed   suit and   a   Scottish   kilt   outfit.   For   those   who   wish   to   be   dealt   with   by   a   gym   master   then   I   have   a   large   selection   of traditional sports clothing. Please discuss your clothing requirements with me when you book your appointment.  . Q) Do you have a formal academic gown?  . A) Yes and if you wish I will happily wear it during your visit. . Q)   I   would   like   you   to   wear   leather   trousers   or   some   other   kind   of   'fetish'   clothes   that   are   not   mentioned   on   your   web site. Will you do that?  . A)   No.   I   am   happy   to   wear   any   apparel   that   could   reasonably   been   deemed   suitable   for   enacting   any   academic   or domestic   role   play   scenario.   (Evidence   of   this   can   be   found   throughout   this   web   site.)   However,   I   do   not   consider leather   trousers,   rubber   or   other   general   'fetish'   clothing   to   be   conducive   to   the   Headmaster   or   'Uncle'   role   that   I   wish to portray and offer to my clients. . Q) When I play school games I like to use a pseudonym is that OK?  .   A) Yes it is. In fact it is a very good idea to have one.   .   Q) Do I have to tell you my real name?  . A)   I   would   prefer   it   if   you   did   but   I   have   no   way   of   knowing   if   you   are   telling   the   truth. To   those   who   visit   me   I   make   no secret   of   my   real   name. As   I   am   inviting   you   into   my   home   I   would   suggest   that   it   would   be   courteous   to   trust   me   with your real name. . Q) Will you spank, strap, slipper and cane my bottom?  . A)   Yes,   depending   on   what   you   want.   The   punishments   will   be   given   across   your   shorts   /   skirt,   pants   /   knickers   and finally   on   your   bare   bottom.   You   can   expect   to   receive   a   spanking   and   the   slipper   whilst   over   my   knee   and   the   strap and   cane   whilst   bent   across   a   chair   or   sofa.   (If   you   prefer,   and   are   able,   then   you   can   touch   your   toes.)   If   you   prefer to   receive   your   punishment   just   over   your   clothing   or   only   on   your   underwear   then   this   can   also   be   catered   for.   If   you have a particular dislike of any implement then please let me know and it will NOT be used on you.  . Q) Will it hurt?  . A)   Undoubtedly   yes!   I   do   not   give   token   punishments,   however   I   will   not   brutalise   anyone   either.   I   administer   corporal punishment   to   all   of   my   adult   pupils   at   a   level   that   they   will   be   happy   or   comfortable   with. Your   limits   will   be   discussed during your initial visit. . Q) If I provide my own discipline implements will you use them on me?  . A)   Yes,   providing   we   agree   in   advance.   So   long   as   they   are   in   good   condition   and   are   fit   for   purpose   then   I   am prepared   to   use   your   own   implements   on   you.   For   discretionary   reasons   please   ensure   that   any   implement   you   bring with you is well concealed when you arrive and depart my premises.   .   Q) If I want to be birched can you do this for me?  . A) Yes   I   can.   For   hygiene   reasons   I   always   cut   a   fresh   birch   for   each   client.   Each   birch   is   made   from   freshly   cut   silver birch   twigs.   The   ends   of   the   twigs   are   bound   into   a   handle   and   dressed   with   ribbon.   There   is   considerable   time   and effort   involved   in   preparing   a   fresh   birch.   To   that   end   I   make   a   surcharge   of   £50.00   for   those   who   seek   a   session involving it. Please inform me when booking your visit if you wish to have the birch involved.   .   Q) Will the punishment leave marks on my bottom?  . A)   If   used   to   excess,   any   punishment   implement   will   undoubtedly   leave   lasting   marks.   You   will   be   asked   at   your interview   to   make   clear   if   marks   will   cause   you   embarrassment.   Generally   speaking   the   less   protection   your   bottom has   the   more   likely   you   are   to   leave   with   marks.   If   marks   have   to   be   avoided   it   is   unlikely   that   you   will   be   able   to receive   the   tawse   or   the   cane   on   your   bare   bottom. After   any   punishment   session   your   bottom   will   be   reddened   and will   remain   so   for   around   2   to   4   hours. At   the   other   extreme   there   are   those   who   feel   that   they   have   not   had   a   proper session   unless   they   leave   with   a   well   earned   set   of   lasting   stripes.   If   you   feel   that   you   fit   in   to   this   category   and   that your limits are high then please let me know during your interview.  . Q) Will you strap or cane my hands?  . A)   Yes,   but   only   if   you   make   it   clear   from   the   outset   that   this   is   what   you   want.   The   bones   in   the   hands   are   very delicate   and   I   have   no   wish   to   cause   anyone   permanent   injury.   To   that   end   I   will   accept   no   responsibility   for   any ‘damage’ which occurs to your hands. .   Q) Will you punish me on any other part of my anatomy?  . A)   If   you   enjoy   juvenile   punishments   then   I   will   smack   the   back   of   your   legs   or   the   inside   of   your   thighs.   I   will   not   give punishment on any other part of the body. .   Q) What will I have to wear?  . A)   I   only   see   adult   schoolboys   and   adult   schoolgirls   (including   transvestites)   who   wear   traditional   school   or   scout   / guide   uniform.   (This   includes   P.E.   or   games   kit   and   pyjamas.)   I   prefer   adult   schoolboys   to   wear   white   underwear, short   grey   trousers,   knee   length   grey   socks,   black   lace   up   shoes,   grey   shirt,   school   tie,   jersey,   blazer   and   a   cap. Adult schoolgirls   must   wear   a   school   uniform   that   is   traditional   in   nature.   It   may   include   some   of   the   following:   a   coloured gymslip,   grey/tartan   skirt,   white   blouse,   tie,   white   knee   length   socks,   black   stockings,   black   T   bar   shoes,   blazer   and hat. Adult   schoolgirls   must   wear   flat   shoes.   No   high   heels   are   allowed. All   adult   schoolgirls   must   also   wear   traditional school underwear to match their uniform.  . Q) I see myself as an older boy and I don't really want to wear short trousers. Can I wear long trousers instead?  . A)   Yes.   If   you   wish   to   be   an   older   boy   or   a   6th   former   then   you   may   wear   long   trousers.   Long   trousers   must   be   either grey   or   black   and   they   must   be   of   smart   appearance.   They   should   be   appropriate   for   school   and   you   must   provide them yourself. . Q) I see myself as an older girl and I don't want to wear knee length white socks. Can I wear stockings instead?  . A)   Yes.   If   you   wish   to   be   an   older   girl   or   a   6th   former   then   you   may   wear   stockings.   However,   they   should   be appropriate   for   school   and   the   accompanying   skirt   or   gymslip   must   be   of   an   appropriate   length.   I   will   not   tolerate   any girl attending in ‘St Trinian’s’ style uniform. . Q) Can I buy school uniform from your on line uniform shop when I visit for my appointment?  . A)   Yes.   If   you   let   me   know   what   items   of   uniform   (and   your   size)   that   you   are   interested   in   before   your   appointment then   I   will   have   it   available   for   you   to   look   at   before   your   session   begins.   Please   remember   that   you   are   under   no obligation to purchase anything during your visit. Click here to visit my on line school uniform shop now. . Q) My personal hygiene is not very good. Will you still see me?  . A)   Absolutely   not!   If   you   arrive   at   my   home   in   dirty   clothes   or   have   clearly   not   bathed   or   showered   for   any   length   of time   then   you   will   be   asked   to   leave.   I   take   my   own   personal   hygiene   very   seriously   and   I   expect   those   who   visit   me to do the same.  . Q) What should I bring with me?  . A)   Providing   I   have   one   in   your   size   I   am   prepared   to   lend   an   authentic   school   or   scout   uniform   to   any   adult   boy   who visits   me.   If   you   wish   to   borrow   a   uniform   then   please   let   me   know   your   waist   and   chest   measurements   when   you make   your   appointment.   You   are   more   than   welcome   to   bring   and   wear   your   own   uniform   during   your   session.   You should   always   bring   your   own   underwear   and   black   lace   up   shoes.   If   you   are   going   to   be   involved   in   lessons   then   you should also bring your own writing equipment.     Q) Can you provide a uniform for an adult schoolgirl?  . A)   I   do   have   some   adult   schoolgirl   uniform.   Please   make   me   aware   at   the   time   you   make   your   appointment   if   you would   like   to   borrow   some   girls   school   uniform.   It   is   highly   likely   that   you   will   have   to   provide   some   of   the   uniform yourself. You will certainly have to provide your own underwear and shoes. . Q) I don't have a school or scout uniform. What if you do not have a uniform that will fit me. Can I still visit?  . A)   Yes,   but   you   will   have   to   provide   and   wear   your   own   P.E.   or   games   kit.   As   a   last   resort   you   will   have   to   wear pyjamas and I will  see you in my study before your bed time.  .   Q) I don't have P.E. or games kit and I don't have pyjamas. Will you deal with me in just my everyday clothes?  . A) Absolutely   not.   Even   though   you   are   an   adult   I   will   not   deal   with   you   while   you   are   dressed   as   an   adult.   I   will   only deal with adult pupils who are dressed in an appropriate and traditional school fashion.     Q) I would really like to be punished while I am naked. Will you do that? . A)   No.   You   will   never   be   asked   to   strip   for   a   punishment.   If   you   want   to   be   punished   while   you   are   naked   then   you should look elsewhere. .   Q) I would like to be secured or tied down while I am punished. Will you do that?  . A) No. I offer no form of bondage or restraint. .   Q) Do you see novices?  . A)   I   am   particularly   happy   to   see   those   who   have   little   or   no   experience.   You   will   be   asked   to   make   clear   what   your experience is when you ring to make your first appointment.  . Q) Why do you insist on a lengthy interview during a first visit?  . A)   The   length   of   your   interview   will   depend   on   your   experience   and   on   how   much   you   would   like   to   contribute   to   your scenario. Subsequent visits require much shorter discussions because we already know each other.  .   Q) Will I be able to switch roles so that I may discipline you during my visit?  . A) Absolutely not! My service is strictly a 'one way' arrangement and your session will end if you suggest such. .   Q) Do you do cyber role play?  . A)   No   I   do   not.   Whilst   I   recognise   that   the   cyber   scene   has   grown   immensely   since   the   dawn   of   the   internet   I personally find the cyber experience very unfulfilling.   .   Q) Why do you use a safe word?  . A)   I   believe   that   role   play   of   this   nature   without   a   safe   word   is   dangerous   and   extremely   irresponsible.   In   this   kind   of activity   'no'   does   not   mean   no   and   'stop'   does   not   mean   stop   but   there   are   times   when   play   HAS   to   stop.   A   medical emergency   or   some   other   occurrence   may   mean   that   role   play   activity   has   to   cease   immediately.   The   only   way   to ensure   that   activity   stops   immediately   is   by   the   use   of   a   safe   word.   There   are   some   who   do   not   use   a   safe   word   and that   is   their   affair   but   if   you   visit   me   you   will   be   informed   of   my   safe   word   and   my   policy   for   its   use.   If   you   do   not accept the use of a safe word then you should not take things  further. .   Q) Why won't you accept a booking by email?  . A) I have found that bookings accepted by email have a much higher failure rate than those made by telephone.   Q) If I have photographs taken what will you do with them?  . A)   Nothing.   I   will   only   take   photographs   if   you   want   me   to. They   will   be   downloaded   and   then   dumped   onto   a   memory stick   and   given   to   you   as   a   souvenir.   If   you   then   want   to   see   me   delete   your   pictures   from   my   hard   drive   then   that   can be   arranged   also.   You   are   under   NO   obligation   to   be   photographed.   If   you   wish   to   have   your   pictures   placed   on   a memory stick then you must provide your own memory stick.   .   Q) Can you video my visit for me?  . A)   No.   I   offer   no   form   of   video   or   audio   recording   service   and   I   will   not   do   so   at   any   point   in   the   future.   Please   do   not offer to bring your own equipment as your request will be refused.   Q) You used to burn pictures onto CD Rom. Why have you stopped this?  . A)   Burning   a   CD   Rom   at   the   end   of   a   session   was   time   consuming.   Technology   has   moved   on   and   memory   sticks currently offer the best and quickest option for data transfer.   Q) I really like the photographs on your site. Can I download and keep them?  . A)   Yes   you   may,   but   please   remember   the   copyright   notice   is   on   the   home   page   for   a   reason.   Distributing   or republishing my  pictures without my written consent is illegal. I will leave the rest to your imagination.  . Q) Do you plan to update this site?  . A)   Yes   but   not   on   a   regular   basis.   The   most   frequent   updates   will   occur   on   my   blog    page,   however,   there   can sometimes   be   several   months   between   these   posts.   The   primary   function   of   this   site   is   to   give   information   about   the services   I   provide.   Hopefully,   by   studying   the   site   you   will   be   able   to   come   to   a   conclusion   as   to   whether   (or   not)   you feel   that   the   services   I   provide   are   right   for   you.   To   that   end   it   does   not   require   constant   updating   or   modifications.   If you   feel   that   you   have   something   to   offer   and   that   you   would   like   to   make   a   contribution   (whether   you   have   visited me or not) then please do get in touch.   Q) I have a criticism, suggestion or positive comment about your site. Would you like to hear it?  . A) Yes I would. If you have anything to say about the site then please send me an email. .   Q) I have not been able to find the answer to my question in these FAQ's or in any other part of the site. Can I contact you?  . A)   Yes.   Please   feel   free   to   drop   me   an   email   or   to   give   me   a   call,   but   please   remember   that   if   your   question   is   simply 'What will  you do to me'? then I will not respond. . CLICK HERE TO JUMP BACK TO THE FIRST PAGE OF FAQS