The Headmaster’s Study
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LINKS Here are some links to my favourite websites.
ADULT SIZE SCHOOL UNIFORM My   own   on   line   shop   selling   the   best   quality   school   uniform for   adult   role   players.   Click   below   to   be   taken   to   'Adult   Size School Uniform' and the home page of my shop.
GET SPANKED Hi   quality   printed   magazine   featuring   a   range   of   traditional disciplinary   topics.   The   Headmaster’s   Study   was   featured in issue 2.
THE MUIR ACADEMY The   Muir   Academy   is   the   best   place   on   the   planet   to   enjoy organised   group   role   play   adult   school   games.   Miss   Prim   is a   close   personal   friend.   Click   below   to   be   taken   to   the   Muir Academy Home Page.  .
CP4MEN High quality C.P. videos to download and keep.
STRICTLY MISS BROWN  High   class   professional   mistress   who   offers   some   of   the   best school     style     C.P     DVDs     I     have     ever     seen.     Highly recommended.
NEW GRANGE MANOR  . Another   fun   place   to   play   adult   school   games   but   in   a   group setting.
THE DISCIPLINARIAN Quality   role   play   and   discipline   from   a   charming   Mistress who is  based in Leeds.
BRITISH CANING SOCIETY  . An   excellent   forum   dealing   with   all   aspects   of   the   corporal punishment scene.  .
JULIETTE TULLIVER A    lovely    young    lady    who    enjoys    a    firm    hand    across    her bottom. Well worth a visit!
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MISTRESS LUNA’S UNIVERSE BDSM  . A   delightful   Spanish   dominatrix   who   operates   in   the   London area. She uses my uniforms in her chambers.  . .
TD MONTHLY CP MAGAZINE  . A   new   on   line   magazine   for   fans   of   male   on   male   adult discipline action.  .
MARK MAGUIRE BOOKS  . High quality adult discipline ebooks.  . .
ADULT SCHOOLBOY This   wonderful   site   is   now   up   and   running   again.   It   is   the greatest    resource    for    all    things    to    do    with    the    adult schoolboy   scene,   school   and   scout   uniform   enthusiasts and   those   who   seek   corporal   punishment.   Well   worth   a look.
ROSE ACADEMY   A    new    adult    school    role-play    organisastion.    Based    in Holland   and   run   by   an   enthusiastic   group   which   is   lead   by Miss Rose herself.