The Headmaster’s Study
PREPARING FOR YOUR VISIT   . This   page   contains   a   detailed   explanation   of   all   the   steps   you   will   need   to   take   in   order   to   find   yourself   stood outside   my   study   door.   Please   read   this   page   carefully   and   satisfy   yourself   that   you   are   able   to   comply   with everything   that   is   required.   If   access   to   an   email   account   or   being   able   to   arrange   contact   by   telephone is likely to be problematic then you should resolve these issues before taking things further. I   have   set   protocols   for   all   those   who   wish   to   visit   me.   If   you   are   serious   about   your   visit   then   there   should   be   no valid reasons why you should not be able to comply with all of the following requirements.   . Please   make   sure   you   have   read   through   every   page   of   the   site   including   (and   most   importantly)   the   frequently asked   questions.   I   take   a   very   dim   view   of   those   who   have   clearly   not   studied   what   is   written   here.   As   far   as   I am   aware   every   major   point   has   been   covered   and   I   will   not   be   drawn   into   long   telephone   conversations   over what   has   already   been   clearly   stated   via   these   pages.   However   I   will   answer   any   questions   which   are   not covered via email or phone call.    LOCATION I   am   located   in   the   Peak   District   of   Derbyshire   close   to   the   borders   of   Derbyshire,   Cheshire   and   Staffordshire.   I will   forward   my   exact   location   and   meeting   point   when   your   visit   is   confirmed.   My   location   is   well   served   by   road and   rail   links.   If   you   are   travelling   from   a   distance   there   are   many   hotels   and   B&B   establishments   close   to   my home.   .  . MAKING YOUR APPOINTMENT   . When   you   are   ready   to   make   your   appointment   then   please   call   me   on   the   telephone   number   that   is   shown throughout   my   website.   During   the   call   I   will   answer   any   questions   you   may   have   and,   depending   on   your experience,   I   may   ask   some   questions   of   my   own.   I   see   clients   by   appointment   only.   I   am   only   available   during the   working   week   (Monday   to   Friday).   I   will   expect   you   to   arrive   at   an   agreed   time   between   9.30am   and   noon. Your   appointment   will   end   no   later   than   2.30pm.   I   guarantee   your   visit   will   not   be   disturbed   by   any   outside intrusions   such   as   the   telephone.   I   do   not   see   anyone   on   a   Saturday,   Sunday   or   on   public   holidays.   If   at   all possible   appointments   should   be   made   at   least   48   hours   in   advance.   I   do   not   offer   same   day   appointments.   Your initial   one   to   one   appointment   will   last   up   to   a   maximum   of   three   hours   but   you   will   be   free   to   leave   at   any   time during your visit.   .     SUBMITTING YOUR SCENARIO   . After   a   date   and   time   has   been   set   for   your   visit   you   will   be   asked   to   submit   an   email   giving   brief   details concerning   why   you   will   be   visiting   the   Headmaster’s   Study.   Within   your   email   you   may   give   details   about   the scenario   you   wish   to   enact   or   the   reasons   for   which   you   need   to   be   disciplined.   You   may   also   include   details   of things   you   would   like   to   have   happen   and   things   that   you   would   not.   Your   email   need   not   be   long,   2   or   3 paragraphs   is   usually   enough.   Please   do   not   email   me   in   the   guise   of   your   role   play   character.   During   our   initial contact   I   need   to   communicate   with   the   real   you.   Trying   to   read   between   the   lines   of   a   role   play   email   during early communication can cause confusion so please don't do it.   .     If   email   ‘security’   is   an   issue   for   you   then   you   will   need   to   open   a   secure   email   account.   There   are   many providers   of   this   service   but   the   most   popular   is   Hotmail  .   Click   here   to   visit   the   Hotmail   website     and   open   a secure   Hotmail   account now.   . Under   no   circumstances   will   I   discuss   the   detail   of   your   scenario   over   the   telephone.   Please   see   the   faq’s     for more information on  this important point.   .     CONFIRMING YOUR APPOINTMENT   . You   will   be   asked   to   confirm   your   appointment   24   to   48   hours   before   your   visit.   Please   pay   special   attention   to the following two  points:   . 1) If you fail to confirm by telephone then your appointment will be cancelled.   . 2)   Cancelling   by   failing   to   confirm   by   telephone   is   NOT   acceptable.   You   must   telephone   as   soon   as   possible   if you cannot keep your appointment.   . Failing to observe the above may result in you not being offered another appointment!   .     INITIAL MEETING   . l   always   meet   new   visitors   in   a   public   place   that   is   located   close   to   my   premises.   You   will   receive   more information about this  when you call to confirm your appointment.   . TAKING THE FIRST STEP   . If you feel you are ready to take the first step then there are 2 ways to get in touch.   .     1)   My   mobile   telephone   number   is   given   at   the   foot   of   my   home   page     and   in   the   box   below.   My   phone   is switched   on   throughout   the   day   and   in   the   early   evening.   I   only   accept   appointments   via   the   telephone   so   at some   stage   you   will   have   to   call   me.   If   I   am   already   dealing   with   a   client   my   mobile   will   be   switched   off   so please   leave   a   message   or   if   you   are   reluctant   to   do   so   then   please   call   back   later.   As   a   matter   of   courtesy   I never return calls unless you have given me your permission to do so.   . I   do   not   answer   the   telephone   on   Sunday   and   I   NEVER   discuss   any   aspect   of   what   I   do   with   those   who   call   from a number which is withheld.   .
Under no circumstances will I respond to text or picture messages sent to my mobile telephone.   . 2)   Email.   You   will   find   my   email   address   at   the   foot   of   the   home   page     and   in   the   box   above.   If   you   have   a   question or   query   then   this   is   the   best   way   to   get   in   touch.   Your   initial   email   must   not   contain   any   form   of   attachment. Having   been   the   victim   of   virus   and   Trojan   attack,   I   never   open   email   attachments   from   those   who   I   do   not   know.   I normally answer all email within 48 hours. I do not accept appointment bookings by email.   .  .     Please   note.   If   you   decide   to   make   an   initial   approach   via   email   then   please   do   not   write   to   me   in   the   guise   of   your role   play   character.   During   our   initial   contact   I   need   to   communicate   with   the   real   you.   Trying   to   read   between   the lines of a role play email during early communication can cause confusion so please don't do it.   .        CLEANLINESS & APPEARANCE   . You   MUST   be   clean   and   presentable   upon   arrival   at   my   home.   Please   ensure   you   have   showered   on   the   morning of   your   visit.   Poor   personal   hygiene   and   excessively   dirty   clothes   will   not   be   tolerated.   You   must   not   travel   to   or from your appointment wearing anything that could be recognised as school or scout uniform.   .      CANCELLING AN APPOINTMENT   . I   fully   understand   that   on   occasion   an   appointment   will   have   to   be   cancelled   and   sometimes   at   quite   short   notice. If you have to cancel then please let me know by phone or email as soon as you are able. If   you   cancel   your   initial   appointment   (for   any   reason)   then   you   will   be   asked   to   pay   in   advance   for   a   second appointment. Should you cancel for a second time (for any reason) then your fee will be forfeit. If   you   are   a   returning   client   and   you   wish   to   cancel   then   you   will   given   two   ‘free’   cancellations.   If   you   go   on   to   book a   third   appointment   then   you   will   also   be   asked   to   pay   in   advance.   Your   fee   will   also   be   forfeit   should   you   cancel (for any reason) for a third time. If   you   make   an   appointment   and   simply   fail   to   turn   up   you   will   not   be   offered   another.   Good   manners   cost   nothing and I expect to give and receive them from all those I see.   . FEES   .     My   fee   for   initial   visits   and   subsequent   one   to   one   visits   is   £200.00.   For   this   you   will   receive   up   to   3   hours   of   my time   as   well   as   access   to   my   study,   schoolroom   and   changing   room.   Should   you   wish   to   borrow   a   school   uniform then   this   will   also   be   included.   The   fee   for   an   extended   session   (including   the   use   of   a   school   uniform   should   you need   one)   is   £275.00.   I   do   not   charge   on   a   pro-rata   basis.   My   fee   is   the   same   whether   you   stay   for   3   hours   or   3 minutes. The fee is strictly non negotiable.   .  . PAYMENT   .     The   fee   is   payable   in   full   upon   arrival   at   my   home.   I   accept   payment   by   cash,   credit   card   and   debit   card.   I   will   also accept   payment   in   advance   by   credit   card,   debit   card   and   PayPal.   I   will   apply   a   surcharge   of   £20.00   to   all   fees paid   by   card   or   PayPal.   This   additional   charge   is   to   cover   the   cost   of   third   party   money   transfer   fees.   No   other form of payment is accepted.   .
The Headmaster awaits! The cane awaits! And over the Headmaster's desk. And put your hands on your head.